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How To Take Troubleshoot If Your Dell Laptop Keys Are Giving You Trouble?

There is nothing more annoying than repeatedly tapping away on your Dell laptop’s keyboard and get no result to show on the screen. Sooner than later, you start to press upon those keys with a lot more intensity. You should only apply the latter act of intensity if you want to buy a new one. For a safer approach, you should look into why your keys are giving you trouble.

Dell Support Ireland Discusses The Factors Responsible For Keyboard Malfunction

Due to Dell laptop’s sturdy and downright robust nature, every peripheral associated with it is extraordinarily strong. At a glance, it is amazing. But down the line you would notice how difficult it is to physically fix them. More so can be easily said for the keyboard in particular. The factors responsible for damaging this peripheral are both external and internal.

External And Internal Causes Responsible For Damaging The Peripheral

  • External Factors: “DO NOT EAT BESIDE YOUR COMPUTER!”- It is basically the first computer related thing we were taught as a kid. But in today’s scenario, applying this in actuality is kind of impractical. Therefore, a soft drink droplet here, and a food crumb there could cause major issues for your laptops. These “foodie” contaminants always get stuck in between the keys. While you can remove them easily if you are swift, just leaving it there accumulates further contaminations in the form of dust and grime. After some time, this “accumulated” mixture of food crumbs, drink and dirt causes the keys to be non functional. Therefore, clean your keyboard properly after you are done binge watching Netflix, because you are going to do it with food beside you anyway. Also, regardless of what the Dell advertisement says, a laptop’s keyboard should always be handled with care.
  • Internal Factors: These causes are mainly related to the peripheral driver or operating system malfunction. Fixing them is relatively easy, you can either do it yourself or you can ask for assistance by dialing Dell Support Ireland Number.

How To Repair A Dell Laptop Keyboard?

  • Turn Your Computer Off: This step is prerequisite to repairing any peripheral you might have issues with. Make sure to unplug it as well, as stray current might cause some physical damage to you.
  • Remove The Cap Of Your Damaged Key: if the key is already coming off loose, it is easy to remove. Just use a 2mm screwdriver to wiggle beneath it and it should unhook from the retaining chip. If the key is stuck, you should seek a bit extra help from someone with appropriate level of technical acumen.
  • Look Beneath To See The Attachments: Remember, you have to put the key back in. therefore, it is wise to remember the appropriate attachments. If anything of these attachments feels a bit loose, you better screw them back in with an appropriately sized screw driver. Furthermore, clean this area.
  • Plug The Key Back In: Once you are done with fixing the appropriate attachments, you can plug the keys back in. Before you do it though, you must clean the cap with a soft cloth.
  • Replace The Damaged Key Cap: if the key cap turns out to be damaged, it is always better to replace them.

These self help tips also entail some precautionary measures you should take; out of them two in particular are the most important:

  • Always keep your Dell keyboard neat and clean.
  • Also, handle them with proper care

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