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How To Fix Defective Ram Issue In Dell Computer?

A computer’s RAM is responsible for a lot more than marginally speeding up your computer. To that end, when issues occur to this particular component, your DELL computer might go through multiple phases of dysfunctions that start from constant crashing, Blue Screen Of Death, and to the final phase of complete system shutdown. The funny thing is all these affects are so common and random that a novice user might not be able to diagnose it properly. Consequently the user points his finger to a multitude of software issues long before RAM comes into scrutiny.

Dell Support Ireland Presents To You The Ways To Know If Your RAM Is Defective

As already explained, when RAM malfunctions, a multitude of common errors take place. Therefore to point the suspicions towards the actual culprit component, you might have to use a third party application. This program is called MemTest86. It is a freeware used by many technicians to ascertain if the RAM is actually defective

How To Use Memtest86?

  • Go to and down the application.
  • The software is bootable; therefore it would suit you best to use a removable media to install this application.
  • If you download the CD version of the software, you would get an ISO file. You can burn this file on to a CD drive while installing it.
  • If you have downloading an .exe file meant for an USB flash drive, the website also provides you with a program to make that external drive bootable
  • The preferable external disk to use here is the USB flash drive. The steps to prepare it might come off as a little intimidating. Do not worry, just follow the standard steps and be patient.
  • Once you are successful in preparing the boot media, you have to shut down your PC.
  • After the power is completely turned off, unplugged and secured safely, you need to open up the cabinet and remove the RAM module. To do that, just delicately press upon the lock and once your hear a distinctive “click”, pull out the module slowly. Make sure you have more than one of these modules in the slot, because you need a RAM to start up and run MemTest86.
  • Once you are done with the above step, refit the cabinet and start the system while sticking the pen drive into the slot.
  • The MemTest86 application would start automatically at the boot. It tests the damaged memory module. It is a lengthy process, so brace for waiting for a long time.
  • The entire scanning process entails three passes. So while you have initiated the process, go outside and take a long walk; better yet, start the process at night and go to sleep.
  • The application would inform you if something is wrong, if not, reinsert the RAM and take out the one from the other slot and repeat the entire process.

The mentioned steps are a little third party application dependent but still effective. Once you are confirmed of the RAM issue with Dell Technical Support Ireland expert team, you should know that replacement is your only option.

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